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    Awareness Is Not A Luxury

    GdR PR is a Los Angeles-based independent publicity practice that secures editorial coverage in direct support of our clients’ real-world business objectives.


    Beyond generic visibility and shallow stories, GdR PR is committed to telling our clients’ complete narrative with lengthy profiles, investigative features, and in-depth coverage. It's an aggressive, results-driven approach that places clients on shortlists for big brand deals, builds audiences, and creates the name recognition necessary to expand businesses. Ultimately, we help clients make more money.


    Research, Package, Pitch, Repeat

    With over a dozen years of experience in esports, entertainment and digital media, GdR PR is operated independently by senior publicist and press agent Gabriel del Rio. Under a transparent and results-first approach, del Rio leverages rich relationships with editors, reporters and industry executives to secure coverage that counts.


    Bound by accountability, professional integrity and an expectation to deliver actual coverage, GdR PR is forced to avoid expensive, traditional agency pitfalls, and instead, just pitch. And pitch a lot.


    The agency commits its hours to personally tailoring story ideas that fit the exact beat of high-profile journalists and never resorts to spammy email blasts. We read relevant news, recognize market shifts and forecast trends in order to package pitches with supporting data, verifiable assets and an honest sense of urgency.


    When clients need coverage that counts, they count on us.

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    GdR PR Featured as 'Top PR Pro for YouTube Creators, Influencers and Digital Stars'

    Honored to be named one of the industry's top PR agents for gamers, influencers, and digital media. Lucky to be working hard on hard-working clients.

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    The Verge Delivers In-Depth Profile of Dr Disrespect in 'The Man Behind the Mustache'

    "...that’s why he’s probably the most important persona in the internet’s extended streaming universe: the Doc is the future of live entertainment."

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    LA Times Features How Preston is Navigating the COVID-Pandemic

    “It’s about creating content during a time when people most need it,” he said. “It’s been going well and the audience has doubled.”

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    Dr Disrespect Secures TV Development Deal

    Exclusive coverage from The Hollywood Reporter on Doc's big TV deal with “Walking Dead” creator, Skybound Entertainment. Beyond the announcement, PR carefully crafted a narrative around Doc's crossover appeal and mainstream media ambitions.

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    SBNation Profiles NickEh30, the Fortnite Streamer "Taking Over the Game"

    Major sports publication covers the 'Good Guy of Gaming' in awesome profile featuring Nick's talent and family-friendly vibe, creating a calling card for brands looking for wholesome talent partners.

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    NickEh30 Honored with Spot in Forbes'

    30 Under 30

    Alongside industry captains, client and Fortnite pro NickEh30 featured yearly roundup of 'who's who' in gaming. Story directly ignited consideration for major brands deals

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    Forbes Ranks Client as Third Highest Earning Video Gamer in 2019

    YouTube's top family-friendly IRL star, Preston Arsement alongside Ninja and PewDiePie for top three gamers in 2019


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    Gabriel del Rio

    Senior Publicist

    As a senior publicist, Gabriel del Rio has never confused efforts for results. After more than 20 years within corporate environments and boutique war rooms, del Rio is recognized for his no-nonsense approach to delivering meaningful editorial placements that motivate business objectives.

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    Independent Publicists

    Virtual Agency


    GdR PR largely partners with clients who require individualized and focused publicity support. On occasion, we also provide large-scale agency service to blue-chip clients requiring a wider scope. By tapping a team of similarly minded, results-focused independent publicists, the agency can scale to tackle any challenge.


    Digital Media's Top Creators

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    "TG is developing the next age of Fortnite Games"

    With over 23M followers and 8B views, TG remains one of Fortnite's most recognizable creators. His recently launched gaming studio, JOGO has already secured 250 plays from 50M unique players across UEFN's custom maps and experiences

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    "... his performance is off the charts."

    Known to 30M fans as Infinite, Caylus is a top YouTube creator producing the platform's best irreverent content. Between busting myths, reviewing rare products and fighting the spooks from journeys in horror, Caylus is redefining modern viewership

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    "this YouTuber wunderkind is pioneering the future of social content"

    A true digital media multi-hyphenate, Jordan operates as on-camera talent, strategic studio executive, and a nurturing mentor to his 80+ team members


    You're awesome. Let's talk.

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